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I suppose my location is detected by DNS or something alike. But my location shown in the map is wrong. How do I correct it?

asked 28 May '20, 15:10

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What device and app or website are you talking about?

(28 May '20, 16:20) TZorn

I logged in from a desktop computer.

(28 May '20, 19:26) mackissack

To which website?

Openstreetmap is just a big pile of data really, and you can see and do things with it on literally thousands of websites.

(28 May '20, 19:29) SomeoneElse ♦

desktop computers usually do not have a built-in GPS. So the location is typically that of the IP-provider. Desktop computers are not the best device to set/determine locations.

(28 May '20, 20:38) escada

So, that is why the wrong location. The ISP location, @escada.

I opened the Maps app included in Fedora 32. The map directed me to , @SomeoneElse

(28 May '20, 21:08) mackissack

If you have browsed to and want to see the location of your PC, click the third icon down on the right "show my location".

This will only work if the web browser of your PC actually knows where it is or can find out - depending on what privacy settings you have set it may not be able to.

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answered 29 May '20, 13:17

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SomeoneElse ♦
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Chrome alt text

Firefox alt text

Edge alt text

The same place on 3 browsers. Chrome sometimes makes mistakes more than other browsers.

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answered 25 Jan '21, 10:43

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You could use a map note to position and explain a bit more. If your home is not mapped in the correct place. see this alt text

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answered 29 May '20, 11:03

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andy mackey
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edited 29 May '20, 11:19

Although the question is very unclear, I don't think that it's actually about this at all.

(29 May '20, 13:13) SomeoneElse ♦

Does Openstreetmaps and googles maps get current user location from geolocation api?

(30 May '20, 17:35) rachnarai

@rachnarai it depends on what you mean by "OpenStreetMap" and "Google Maps", and it depends on when you're asking the question (before or after the user tries to locate themselves).

If you are referring to each website within a PC web browser, then both initially do some geolocation based on the IP address. At if you click the locate button it'll use the an geolocation call to ask the browser where it thinks it is, rather than just using a location based on a rough guess from the IP address.

(30 May '20, 18:47) SomeoneElse ♦

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