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The JOSM "Presets" provides a lot of "hints" on how to tag small, common businesses. Unfortunately, I haven't found it or any of the Wikis particularly helpful for tagging large, exotic manufacturing businesses in a manner that would be useful in my community. I would like to provide a lot of information but only want an "artistic" DOT or even ICON and the company name displayed exactly like small, common businesses. The best I have been able to do is to get the six-digit street number displayed in the approximate location where I placed the Node for the company's entrance to a building or the building they want non-employees to use. What do I have to do to get just a DOT/ICON with ONLY the company's name nearby? I assume that "amenity=factory" maybe is the best approach? But, what else do I need? Without this ability, OSM is of marginal value to businesses/residents of Silicon Valley because we usually navigate by Names rather than street numbers even if it is "drive by Apple's Spaceship" to get to your destination. Thank you, Harrison S

asked 27 May '20, 21:29

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Harrison S
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There is landuse=industrial + industrial=factory (general, unspecificed generic case) for a whole area, which can contain multiple "factories" (man_made=works)

(28 May '20, 12:48) Kovoschiz

Factories are usually under the more general man_made=works.

For custom renderings you may want to see whether Mapbox has managed to devise a view that is more than marginally useful for getting to their San Francisco office.

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answered 27 May '20, 23:49

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"man_made=works" renders just like I want (and, I assume, the "artistic" ICON will magically appear in a day or two). I either misunderstood the little information I could find in the Wikis or the information was incorrect. Thank you, Harrison

(28 May '20, 02:30) Harrison S

Suggestions for improvements to the default rendering can be made on the OpenStreetMap-Carto GitHub repository.

(28 May '20, 08:08) InsertUser

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