Hello from Crete,

in the "osmand apk" the area / district of Plakias (in the South of Crete) is designated as "Agia Galini". This is wrong. The right designation is "Agios Vasilios"!

Can you guys please fix it?


asked 27 May, 16:41

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Petros Paras...
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Are you talking about the way a region is displayed, or how it is labelled for download?

(27 May, 21:20) InsertUser

According to Nominatim: https://nominatim.openstreetmap.org/details.php?osmtype=N&osmid=256817833&class=place it is in the Agios Vasilios Municipality. The relation for that municipality was last updated 6 months ago. Perhaps OsmAnd does something wrong or maybe your data is older than 6 months?

(28 May, 04:40) escada

@ InsertUser: the wrong region is displayed in the apk. Download was from here: https://download.osmand.net/download?standard=yes&file=Greece_europe_2.obf.zip (01.05.20)

@ escada: as mentioned the download is from 01.05.20. The region where I'm living WAS called "Dimos Foinikas". Some years ago it changed in "Dimos Agios Vasilios". ("Dimos" = "Municipality")

Depending to the translation it's "Vasileios" or "Vasilios". (not easy with so many different "i" in greek) ;)

(28 May, 09:22) Petros Paras...

As the data seems correct in OSM (that's what Nominatim uses) and you have the most recent data from OsmAnd, OsmAnd somehow makes a mistake. So IMHO we ("you guys" aka the OSM community of mappers) cannot fix it, but you have to contact the OsmAnd team (see their website).

(28 May, 09:44) escada

Dear OSM community of mappers! ;) Ok, I understand! (sorry.. it's all new for me.) I'll inform the OsmAnd team.

(28 May, 12:44) Petros Paras...
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