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Hi, I want to setup a local database on Windows environment where all edits and changes to the map would be made to the local database and also please tell me how to insert values into the database using any API like overpy in Python. Please share a suitable tutorial link in order to setup a local copy of the OSM db.

Thanks in advance.

asked 20 May '20, 10:40

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See as there is no support for directly installing on windows you will need to follow the instructions for installing with Vagrant.

Note: you are going to be totally alone in this, and it is very unlikely that an install with Vagrant will leave you with a production ready setup (obviously it should be OK for playing around).

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answered 20 May '20, 10:52

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Hi Simon, Thanks for your reply. I've somewhat read the whole documentation and about APIs. I want to create a small Python App (I want all the changes and additional fields to be added into my local copy of OSM database) and after getting the user location I want to render all properties of that particular node over my map. So, what I've understood is: 1. Downloading a particular region's map. 2. and rendering the results using maperative. Simon pls tell me if I've understood everything correctly, will this be the approach?

(21 May '20, 11:31) rachnarai

Please open a fresh question explaining what you want to do / have in the end, as is it is not clear if you are not heading down a completely wrong path.

(22 May '20, 07:43) SimonPoole ♦

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