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Alright, so I was mapping on JOSM, and I accidently deleted something by mistake. Normally, this wouldn't be a big issue. However, I made a lot of edits afterwards that if I undoed the deletion of the building, the edits made afterward would dissapear. I've heard a lot about reverting edits in JOSM, but I'm not entirely sure how to do it. Any help would be appricated.

asked 19 May '20, 21:59

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If you have already uploaded

JOSM has a reverter plugin for this. I think the Partial reverts section on the wiki page has what you're after.

If you only do a selective upload of the building (and nodes) you had deleted (via File>Upload selection), then delete the data layer, you should end up with the building restored and the rest of the edit intact.

If you have not uploaded

You should be able to select the modified objects with a search (CTRL+F) for "modifed" and upload just those objects via File>Upload selection (CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+U).

Alternatively, you can re-download the area as a new layer and selectively merge (Edit>Merge Selection) the changes you do want to upload across to the new layer leaving the deletion behind in the original layer. You can then upload the new layer as normal.

In both of these options (especially the first), you should be weary of leaving orphaned nodes (ones without tags or "parent" objects) if you have changed the geometry of existing ways.

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answered 20 May '20, 01:12

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edited 22 May '20, 10:36

Sorry, but I am confused onto how to use the modified tool. Could I send you a DM via OSM?

(20 May '20, 01:24) TheAdventurer64

Better try to solve it here so that others can profit from the resolution, too.
Could you share the changeset and the id of the deleted building?

(22 May '20, 10:07) TZorn

There is no separate modified tool, it is a search term within the search tool. I will try to edit for clarity.

It wasn't clear to me from your initial post whether you had uploaded the edits yet or not. Have you?

(22 May '20, 10:21) InsertUser
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