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Hi, during my app development I encounter issue. so far everything was up and running and now I got net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED. How can I investigate the source of problem?? was this because of to much queries so I was blocked ?

asked 18 May '20, 15:40

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Well how many queries did you make, and to what service?

(18 May '20, 15:47) Frederik Ramm ♦

It's probable, but please share the offending URLs so we can know what you are talking about. Regards.

(18 May '20, 15:48) H_mlet

Hi the strange thing about this is that only my computer failing in this connection request. It's localhost. never deployed yet. Its about OpeenStreetMapProvider

(18 May '20, 16:05) kacpero

Sorry for not specify my query the thing is about nominate opeenStreetMapProvider

(18 May '20, 16:08) kacpero

Here is the usage policy for Nominatim:

(18 May '20, 16:15) Frederik Ramm ♦

yes I know and still as only developer doubt I broke usage policy so my question is how can I investigate the issue in case of usage breaking is there a chance to unblock me? How can I check whether I am breaking or not the usage policy so in the future my production version would not encounter such issue. In other hand are you familiar with any alternative to openStreetMapProvider so I can use withaout limitations? Thank you in advanced. Sorry for this is I am realy beginner programmer.

(18 May '20, 16:39) kacpero
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Do you comply with "Provide a valid HTTP Referer or User-Agent identifying the application" ? Easily overlooked. Although the 1 request per second limit is easy to trigger by accident !

There's no way of checking blocks that I know of. Most of this things are managed by volunteers, so it is usually crude.

You probably only have to wait and see if it's unblocked.

For alternatives, on the previously mentioned links, it links to this list :


permanent link

answered 18 May '20, 17:05

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Thank you very much for your answer :) really appreciate and of course I overlooked your first point :p

(18 May '20, 17:07) kacpero

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