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I did a lot of work today in JOSM and I was regularly uploading my changes to OSM (or so I thought). After every upload JOSM would notify me that there was something not synchronised with my local data, it would ask me to synchronise, I would click yes, it would do stuff and I thought everything had been taken care of.

At the end of the day I closed JOSM after uploading my final changes and was met with a surprising 'do you want to save your changes?' screen. I thought... well no because I've uploaded them all. However checking OSM, none of today's changes have been made. (Probably eight hours of work).

Is there any way I could recover the data? I'm thinking something along the lines of a changeset being stored somewhere or other when it met its errors with synchronisation.

asked 14 May '20, 22:19

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If JOSM complains about unsynchronized data on upload you need to synchronize it and then upload your changes again. The upload can't succeed if the data is not synchronized.

(15 May '20, 10:12) scai ♦

It's best to manually save a local copy to be extra safe. The text content gets compressed efficiently. The file size doesn't pile up.

(15 May '20, 12:46) Kovoschiz

You can check if there is an autosaved file in the autosave subdirectory of the JOSM preferences folder:

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answered 14 May '20, 23:57

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I checked... nothing there unfortunately.

(15 May '20, 14:38) owenward

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