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I just mapped two superposed features. A large public place (highway=pedestrian; area=yes) and an underlying parking (location=underground) with its ways (highway=service; service=parking_aisle; location=underground).

I am rather disappointed to see the result on the map (mapnik) because the underground parking aisles appear on the public place on the surface. I have tried level and layer tags to potentially change their representation without success. Any idea on how to manage this issue or is it the expected result?

Here is the case:

asked 13 May '20, 14:20

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There's actually a recently filed issue which relates to part of this question.

However, how to render underground facilities is a more broadly-based question and there is currently no good answer, see for instance passages to access an underground metro station. The CartoCSS styles get more and more complex with additional layers, and most of these underground features are currently edge cases which probably don't justify the major work required to resolve the rendering in a small number of areas. This is especially so as the tagging may evolve as there are more people mapping them.

It is quite likely that for the kind of map output you expect that additional post-processing over-and-above the current architecture of the Carto CSS style which is constrained by needing to stay close to OSM because it is refreshed continually. There are probably cases where underground service roads should be shown as well as those where it would be preferred that they are not.

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answered 13 May '20, 15:27

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Well, I then understand why I initially did not find any satisfying answer. Thank.

(13 May '20, 15:37) jfd553

Hi jfd553,

Have a look here, Otherwise I would use layers or levels the last is more 3D mapping IMHO or enlighthen the object with underground=yes. In case of a park simple covered=yes.

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answered 14 May '20, 14:54

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