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Hi all,

What would be the best way to retrieve all the restaurants (or any other business type for that matter) in a specific area? The amenity=restaurant check does not appear to provide nowhere near all restaurants in a designated city, for example. Moreover, I have found an actual restaurant while looking for pubs and it had only the amenity=pub assigned to it.

Are there any nodes with multiple amenity types, for example amenity=restaurant;pub;cafe or they have to be retrieved by each amenity type separately? I have to mention that I looked separately for each of these amenities and for all results returned in each case all the nodes had a single amenity value.

Is there any other tag that could provide a node that is in fact a restaurant, but it does not have the proper amenity tag value?

Thanks in advance for any help.

asked 11 May '20, 10:28

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(just as a pointer to help you explore while someone provides a full answer)

Have a look at "taginfo" - shows there are a few with that combination. Use to exlore the other values (you can filter using the search box on the right)

(11 May '20, 11:36) SomeoneElse ♦

You mentioned nodes a few times - you should also check for ways and relations to find restaurants mapped as areas (you may already know that and have been using "nodes" loosely).

You could look for restaurant=yes, there are about 3000 of these mapped worldwide. They are likely to be business that mappers see as not primarily a restaurant but including one as part of the business - perhaps hotels or pubs, but I haven't actually checked this.

The dividing line between a restaurant and other businesses serving meals is not always clear, so certainly investigate amenity=cafe and amenity=pub as you mentioned, and also amenity=fast_food. Even amenity=bar may sometimes sell meals - in theory according to the wiki this tag should be used where the focus is on drinks, but there can be confusion on this point in countries where establishments with "Bar" in the name do serve light meals. Whether you want to count all of these may depend on what exactly you mean by "all restaurants".

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answered 11 May '20, 12:26

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Thanks for all your answers. It seems though that Openstreetmap is not yet as complete as Google Places API. We will make the best of what it offers.

(12 May '20, 07:50) razvan_bunea

This will largely depend on the country and city you are looking at.

(12 May '20, 13:24) escada

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