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Rock is not visible fis zoomed out layers

It's nice plase with postglacial rocks and bigges one is in the center. Is is possible to make it more visible? Telling the truth i found it only by google map thanks to my friend. in Osmand app when i was in the forest it was not possible to find it. Maybe stone/rock shall be marked with other tag to make it more visible? Thanks

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asked 07 May '20, 20:57

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Small forest table is visible when you zoom in and zoom out

but giant stone not..

(07 May '20, 21:04) rbvndonh

The rock is tagged as natural=stone. This is not currently rendered in the standard OpenStreetMap layer. There is an open issue to address this: . I don't think there is anything you can do to change this, the tagging as it stands appears correct.

Note that each renderer is independent, so even if this does eventually get rendered in the standard layer, that doesn't mean it will appear in other layers or in apps such as Osmand. If you wish to see natural=stone in Osmand you'd need to raise it with the developer of that app.

There are two things mapped at the other location you point to: a building mapped as an area (shown as a greyish rectangle in the standard layer), and a shelter mapped as a node (which has a specific icon in the standard layer). It's hard to make out what is actually there from the imagery - if it is actually only a small table as you say, then maybe the tagging is wrong.

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answered 07 May '20, 21:38

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