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I have some city border polygons that seemingly randomly share some of the points along their edges. Given two polygons that share points, what are the best ways to edit them in Potlatch? The needed operations to clean up such a situation are:

  1. Split: given a shared node, split it into two independent nodes.
  2. Merge: drag a node onto another and have it stick, merging the nodes.
  3. Co-locate: (rare, mentioned only for symmetry) move two nodes to the exact same spot.

I find myself doing a lot of splitting of ways in order to manage (or even to remove) such shared points. I split the way, draw a new segment to connect, then delete the extra nodes so created. Is there a better way? A more obvious way? A way that introduces less un-needed churn?

In JOSM the tools are called disconnect, unglue and join, in the Tools menu.

Note I'm not asking about the wisdom of sharing points: simply the tools question.

asked 31 Aug '11, 06:10

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Bryce C Nesbitt
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To join a node to another one underneath it, press J. To unjoin a node, press shift-J. There is no "co-locate" function.

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answered 31 Aug '11, 11:54

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Richard ♦
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Potlatch has the "Follow" tool (press F) which is useful when you want to draw way/polygon that shares some nodes with another.

While drawing a way you can click on one node of another way, then an adjacent one to indicate direction, and after that each press of F adds a new shared node to your way. (This is probably easier to try than explain!)

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answered 31 Aug '11, 11:42

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