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I've been trying to put my public profile on for a while (several days) without success. The instructions are simple: simply put your neis-one URL on your OSM profile page.{username}

In my case:

My username contains blank spaces and I think that must be the source of the problem.

Has anyone whose username contains "strange" characters been able to make their profile public?

Am I missing something I'm not considering?


alt text

asked 06 May '20, 12:42

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Emilio Gomez
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edited 06 May '20, 16:59

The link is working for me. It also works from your user page. What exactly is going wrong on your side?

(06 May '20, 16:49) TZorn

I have added a sample image that illustrates the problem. In this screenshot you can see that this user's profile on is public (no OSM account is required for anyone to view the data). I think it's an important way to show the work you do and a way to present yourself, like a Github account for example.

(06 May '20, 17:09) Emilio Gomez

When did you add the URL to your profile page? Is it possible that the site simply hasn't caught up yet - I don't know how frequently it checks profiles?

(06 May '20, 17:16) alan_gr

I see. In the blog some other user wrote that it did not work for them either and Pascal replied he fixed it. But trying now it still does not work. So if you don't get a response here I suggest answering to Pascal's blog post or asking him on his OSM page (pitscheplatsch).

(06 May '20, 17:20) TZorn

@alan_gr About a week ago. In fact the check symbol "Verified" appeared the next day or so, but it wasn't the case with "Public".

(06 May '20, 17:32) Emilio Gomez

@TZorn Thanks for your help, I'll try to contact him.

(06 May '20, 17:36) Emilio Gomez

Is the site down right now? A couple of days it is not working.

(27 Dec '23, 15:28) Sawan Shariar

... and the site is back again.

(29 Dec '23, 13:18) SomeoneElse ♦
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Thank you very much for your message, Emilio. Everything you did was right. This was a bug @ HDYC if an username contains one or several spaces. Should work now. Adios!

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answered 07 May '20, 12:09

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Thanks @pascal_n for your diligence, it's working.

(07 May '20, 12:37) Emilio Gomez

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