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So, I'm doing a project where I try to add information to each exit on the H1 freeway, when I come across this: Does anyone have an idea on how to map this?

asked 03 May '20, 21:29

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What part are you having trouble with?

(04 May '20, 02:27) InsertUser

Haven't done any filling in of these details yet but here is where my thinking would be: Without the location on the map / way you want tag clarification for, you could go with advise from and end up with: basic tags: highway=motorway_link oneway=yes

Not sure if convention would want Honolulu labeled on each or not destination=Kaneche;Honolulu|Alea;Honolulu

Don't recognize nor know labels for shield type icons and could not read the blue on from the image; may be that a letter or word should proceed the numbers. Not sure if both will be headed East. destination:ref=H3;78 East|78

Nut sure if convention should also capture the space between the number and letter. junction:ref=13A

These tags can be further split up if the way splits further ahead if going to different destinations. I also like to explore other local(/less local) areas to see if i can find in use tagging conventions to copy the ideas/style from in situations.

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answered 04 May '20, 04:55

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For clarification: The left junction (Kaneohe, Honolulu) uses the H3 East and the 78 East. The other junction (Aiea, Honolulu) has connections to both the west and East sides of the 78.

(04 May '20, 05:02) TheAdventurer64

So with that information I would use destination:ref=H3 East;78 East|78 Not sure of the meaning of H3.

(04 May '20, 10:20) mirror176

Whoops! H3 is actually I H3, my bad. Thanks for your help!

(11 May '20, 06:22) TheAdventurer64

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