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I only just now realized that ITO World have discontinued their map services last year. I had frequently used their "Highway Lighting" visualization of lit and unlit highways in the past. A similar service from University of Heidelberg has also not been maintained for a long time.

Is there some map out there that shows me which highways are tagged with a lit=yes, lit=no or no lit=* at all? Or how could I get Overpass Turbo to do that? I'm not really familiar with visualization options (different colors etc) there.

asked 23 Apr '20, 10:43

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I won't put this as an answer because I think you mean online slippy map specifically, but OsmAnd has the option to show lighting as an optional 'detail'. It places a yellow 'halo' on streets marked as lit, a orange ones around ones marked as unlit and leaves untagged streets halo free. The update frequency might be a little slow for your purposes (unless you have a live subscription).

(23 Apr '20, 20:39) InsertUser

Yes, you are right. I am looking for an online slippy map. But thanks anyway. I'll give it a shot if I don't find any better solution.

(23 Apr '20, 20:51) TZorn

Don’t know if you’ll see this, but I’ve been adding lighting simply as individual nodes (highway=streetlamp) for street lamps, so if you were to visualize a city with the suggestion given below, it wouldn’t work that well for some places. Just to keep in mind! :-)

(23 Oct '20, 14:03) IanVG

@IanVG: Yes, below code does not pick up street lamps on nodes but that could be easily added. For data consumers (e.g. calculate a route trying to only use lit streets) it's easier to evaluate the lit=* tag on the ways. Therefore I would always recommend tagging that as well when you tag individual street lamps.

(24 Oct '20, 17:51) TZorn

I've updated the query to also look for street lamp nodes.

(04 Nov '20, 11:04) TZorn

OK, so I sat down and tried to get into the depths of Overpass Turbo style sheets. Not that difficult once you find out what to do in general. (While the language guide is very extensive I always find it lacking some practical examples, but that is another story.)

This already does the job quite well for me. I might add more differentiation or filters later.

// gather results
// print results
out body;
out skel qt;

/* lamps */
node {symbol-size:5; color:orange;fill-color: yellow}

/* default for highways */
way[highway] {color:darkcyan; width:3; opacity:0.3; }

/* highways with lit tag */
way[lit] {color:orange; width:10; opacity:0.5; }

/* highways with specific lit tag */
way[lit=no] {color:black; opacity:0.5;}
  way[lit=yes] {color:yellow; opacity:0.5;}

Would there be a way of getting rid of the circles that OT draws when the objects are small? i don't really need them and they are quite distracting.

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answered 24 Apr '20, 13:52

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you can find a setting under "Settings -> Map -> "Do not show small objects as POIs". Note that this is my translation of the Dutch text I see.

(25 Apr '20, 10:45) escada

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