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Maps aren’t available on certain devices. Please could you explain why and how we can fix this? They aren’t showing in the UK and only from devices located in Spain. We aren't sure about other countries, but I am sure there are issues there too.


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asked 18 Apr '20, 15:18

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Can you provide a URL that "doesn't work"? If I browse to I see lots of advertising blurb and then a small map of Marbella at the bottom, which looks like the same tiles as .

I'm in the UK, browsing via either UK or Germany, browser is Firefox 75.0, OS Ubuntu 18.04 (KDE).

(18 Apr '20, 15:51) SomeoneElse ♦

Maybe a tile caching server problem ?

It works for me (from France), on some property page.

You can look for the x-cache header of one of the request to to know which cache server you are using (in the Network tab of the developer tools of your browser).

You will be able to check its status on this page : through the munin link.

(18 Apr '20, 18:33) H_mlet

Thank you both. I have passed this onto my IT and very open to more suggestions!

The map is at the bottom of the page and at the top of the rentals page. I cannot send you a link that doesn’t work as it all depends on your location or browser etc (I think)?!

(18 Apr '20, 18:46) FrancesEvans


I am not sure if that applies - I am in Marbella, one of us is in Madrid and one is in the UK....

(18 Apr '20, 19:41) FrancesEvans

Maybe not for the one in UK. Just check as indicated to be sure.

Please use comments instead of new answers for this kind of remarks... ;-)

(18 Apr '20, 19:58) H_mlet

Many thanks for your help! I will ask our developer to check.

(18 Apr '20, 20:00) FrancesEvans

(for info - I've moved the "answers that weren't answers" here as comments)

(18 Apr '20, 21:30) SomeoneElse ♦
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Thinking about it a bit more, you have probably exceeded the "Tile usage policy", on your area's tile cache server.

As your users and yourself are from the same area, you're hitting the same server, and the rules are now more strictly enforced.

To be sure that is the problem, again in the Network tab of the developer tools of your browser (really easy to find : Chrome, Firefox), check that lines like have a 429 status (first column).

If that's indeed the problem, the recommended solution is to host your own tile server. See switch2osm for guidance.

A lighter solution in your case might be to host a specific tile cache server (any proxy with cache capabilities). As most of your users will look at the same places, the storage needs should not be great, and the tiles will be requested to upstream servers only once for all visitors.

If you store the tiles for few days, or even a week, you will dramatically reduce the load on community-run servers. I guess you don't really need an up to the minute map, which is what is offering to the mappers.

Last solution is to turn to commercial tiles providers.

Best regards.

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answered 18 Apr '20, 19:34

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For what it's worth I'm seeing maps not appearing now (from the UK). There are various JS errors that your developers will want to look at. All the OSM tiles load quickly for me in < 0.5 seconds (but don't display, due to the errors). Content such as loads extremely slowly (10-20 seconds), suggesting a problem at your end...

(18 Apr '20, 21:42) SomeoneElse ♦

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