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Hi there,

I'm looking for an inexpensive GPS logger to use for geotagging pictures and for OpenSteetMap. My criteria are:

  • good data quality (of course) and long battery life (sure)
  • has to work flawlessly with Mac (BT747, MyTracks)
  • should have Bluetooth to connect to the Mac
  • should work with with standard AA batteries, so I can use standard rechargeable ones
  • should be able to save waypoints on the press of a button (neat, but not knock-out criterion)

So far the Holux M-241 looks best, although it is not able to record waypoints.

Any hints are very much appreciated!

Thank you

Best wishes,


asked 29 Aug '11, 12:03

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M-241 is able to add waypoints by pressing button. But only one type of waypoint, without any text, etc. Also, downside of M-241 is not so good built battery case, that can lose contact or even break after some time.

(06 Sep '11, 13:08) kolen

ah, great! I have read that this is not possible. Looks like a clear decision pro M-241... :-)

(06 Sep '11, 14:17) tbillert

Can't give specific advice but these pages from OSM may help:

permanent link

answered 30 Aug '11, 17:06

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thank you, srbook. This is very general information (although I really like the GPS reviews page, as it gives a nice overview of the general features of all these devices), and it doesn't really help me with my specific criteria. Will go on reading, I guess - or just give the Holux a try...

Best wishes,


(31 Aug '11, 15:38) tbillert

I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy Android smartphone (just for fun). It is completely useless as gpx tracking device compared with my Garmin 60CSx. Not only is it very inaccurate but it loses the signal so often as to be useless. But I have downloaded the OSM-maps to the Galaxy and it is helpful (nice to have)as an offline tool. I also use the dicta-phone to record waypoint information I marked on the 60CSx. These verbal comments have an accurate DTS (Date-Time-Stamp) which easily be synchronized to the gpx-waypoints. The ideal OSM device has yet to be developed, i.e. an accurate tracker with integrated voice recording and picture taking capabilities (for noting those names which I cannot pronounce in the many languages unknown to me). If you are going to become a devoted OSM-surveyor, you should have an accurate tracker. Ask for advice from your local OSM-group.

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answered 06 Sep '11, 19:47

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Local OSM-group sounds good - can you tell me how I can find about if there is one and how I can contact them?

Thank you!

(07 Sep '11, 09:11) tbillert

You can find information about local OSM communities in the Wiki. I'd start my research on this page: Alternatively you could subscribe to your national/local Mailing List and ask there. Mailing lists are listed here:

(07 Sep '11, 11:50) dieterdreist

Thank you - my iPhone 3GS works well, too - with the only exception of battery life. 3 hours of GPS tracking, and the battery is empty.

Best wishes,


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answered 04 Sep '11, 22:06

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You can swap the battery in an Android phone. hehe

(04 Sep '11, 22:16) The Scarecrow

correct - this is indeed an advantage. One could use a solar charger for iPhone, though.

(06 Sep '11, 14:17) tbillert

I am quite happy with my Nokia N900, on which I can run OSM2Go and Mappero. A colleague at office bought a second hand Nokia N810, it possibly has longer battery life (it is not a phone) and still runs OSM2Go and Mappero.

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answered 07 Sep '11, 08:26

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I like my Android phone (HTC Desire) using GPSLogger on a hike up and down a mountain the two tracks varied at most 20', I averaged out my track when posting it to OSM

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answered 08 Sep '11, 22:29

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I am pleased with my Android Phone + a great Android app called OruxMaps.

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answered 04 Sep '11, 21:44

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The Scarecrow
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