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For at least two years, I have to collect the shapefile of roads for the whole world. Can anyone please guide me from where I can take this. Thanks

asked 14 Apr '20, 01:32

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You can download from Natural Earth Data

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answered 14 Apr '20, 17:17

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Thanks but I cannot see the option for different years

(14 Apr '20, 17:28) Ramzan243

If I understood correctly you are looking for Shape files for roads of the whole world and since you are posting this on OpenStreetMap help forum, you are try to get the data from OpenStreetMap.

If so, there are several sources from which you can do it. For example, you can use PlanetOSM which backs up whole OSM data and you can also get historical data.

Another source is Geofabrik where you can get the data directly as shape file and then use a software like QGIS or ArcGIS (if you have it) to extract only the highways.

You can also check out this link for other OSM data download sources.

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answered 14 Apr '20, 17:54

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Thanks mmahmud yes, but I need the shapefile of roads for different years.

like one for year of 2010 and one for 2019. Thanks

(14 Apr '20, 18:27) Ramzan243

PlanetOSM is probably the way to go in that case. However, you will have to find ways to extract the highways and get them int Shape files.

(14 Apr '20, 18:36) mmahmud

Hi, Ramzan! You can load this file by JOSM with plugin opendata, but you should verify all this roads cause most of them can be loaded in the OSM database previosly by another users.

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answered 14 Apr '20, 08:36

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I have the feeling Ramzan needs it the other way round. He is asking where to obtain shape files from.

(14 Apr '20, 09:07) TZorn

Yes I need the shapefile for roads for at-least two years like for 2010 and 2019, for whole world.


(14 Apr '20, 14:44) Ramzan243

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