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I've found some pedestrian crossings which are not only marked, but feature an MUTCD R1-5 "yield here to pedestrians" sign with separate line on the pavement. Something like this diagram.

Obviously the crossing itself is tagged (highway=crossing, crossing=marked), but how should I indicate the yield sign, where vehicle traffic must stop ONLY if a pedestrian is in the crosswalk? I couldn't find an example of this on the wiki.

asked 13 Apr '20, 14:42

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If in the US you should always yield to walkers on a crossing, i guess adding another tag is not needed. I the Uk i think cycles should only be pushed over crossings, but i may be incorrect.

(13 Apr '20, 23:51) andy mackey

That's true and part of the reason why I asked. In theory, you do have to yield to pedestrians. But, they obviously wanted to draw special attention to these crossings with signage (people tend to speed on various roads between stop lights). Sometimes there are even more indicators, like flashing lights seen in the posted link.

For example, I feel like a nav app could give an audible/visual warning about such a sign, where normally it might be let crossings pass without notice.

(14 Apr '20, 00:42) historic_bruno

The yield/stop line could probably be tagged with highway=give_way or highway=stop as appropriate.

The direction of traffic affected is normally indicated via direction=*.

The sign itself could probably be tagged traffic_sign=US:R1-5 as well if desired.

While the give way tag is generic, rather than specific to pedestrians, this should be reasonably clear unless the crossing is close to an 'unrelated' junction.

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answered 13 Apr '20, 23:50

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Indeed in both cases I'm seeing, there is a secondary road junction nearby, which is why I didn't jump in and put down a give_way tag without being sure it couldn't be mistaken as a "typical" yield to traffic sign.

(14 Apr '20, 00:43) historic_bruno

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