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Just joined openstreetmap as I want to start mapping some golf courses. I just mapped Tuxedo GC in Winnipeg Manitoba, but its not appearing like I see other courses do? The holes dont appear from the aerial unless I zoom in a lot. Even when I zoom in, the holes get cut off into jagged squares. I have all 18 holes mapped out with fairways, greens, and sandtraps. Im not sure what I did wrong?

The course was already labelled, I just added the holes.

Here's a picture of a properly appearing course.

asked 11 Apr '20, 23:15

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Generally, descriptions should not be placed in the name tag. should have good rendering when it updates.

(12 Apr '20, 02:34) InsertUser

So how should the individual tee boxes be identified though? Or they simply shouldnt be?

(12 Apr '20, 19:40) cutchemist42

Don't the holes get re-positioned on the green by the grounds staff? I seem to remember seeing other repaired plugs on the few greens i have played on. This WIKI seems to confirm it, which may make it harder for OSM to keep up to date?

(13 Apr '20, 23:22) andy mackey

For Info: Looking at Garmin support, It says they map the center of the green for distances.

(13 Apr '20, 23:43) andy mackey

How long ago did you make your edits?

It takes a while for all zoom levels to be rendered. And there has been some chatter recently about rendering server issues that is making some things slow to show up.

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answered 11 Apr '20, 23:43

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Ahhh ok I didn't know that....yesterday and late morning today.

Thanks for the reply.

(12 Apr '20, 01:53) cutchemist42

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