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Hi !

I've tried to setup my own Nominatim reverse geocoding server and I've come into some issues. I've resolved some of them myselves but I'm stuck at the API fetching in reverse geocoding. Apparently, the database is incomplete because it throws me an error at my root access (localhost/) and reverse geocoding isn't working as it's throwing that the place couldn't be found.

I've poked around the databse and places hasn't been found in the tables. Here is the logs :

root@ns39147:/home/nominatim-docker# curl "http://localhost:7070/"

<!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en"> <head> <style> em { font-weight: bold; font-family: monospace; color: #e00404; background-color: #ffeaea; } </style> </head> <body>

Internal Server Error

    <p>Nominatim has encountered an internal error while accessing the database.
       This may happen because the database is broken or because of a bug in
       the software.</p>


Database query failed

    If you feel this error is incorrect feel file an issue on
    <a href="">Github</a>.

    Please include the error message above and the URL you used.

</body> </html>

postgres=# \c nominatim
You are now connected to database "nominatim" as user "postgres".
nominatim=# \dt
               List of relations
 Schema |       Name        | Type  |   Owner
 public | country_name      | table | nominatim
 public | country_osm_grid  | table | nominatim
 public | gb_postcode       | table | nominatim
 public | place_boundingbox | table | nominatim
 public | spatial_ref_sys   | table | nominatim
 public | us_postcode       | table | nominatim
(6 rows)

For info I'm using nominatim-docker from mediagis 3.4 which uses postgres 11 and postgis 2.5. The OSM files I've used are from geofabrik : Nord-pas-de-calais (a region of France), Monaco, and Finland. All don't work.

My question is : what am I missing to get the reverse geocoding API to work ?

Thanks for your help :)

asked 06 Apr '20, 13:48

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I can't help you solve the issue but I can tell you that a \dt on a proper Nominatim database will yield hundreds of tables, most importantly among them a table called placex which contains most OSM data. This means something has not worked during your data import process.

(06 Apr '20, 14:10) Frederik Ramm ♦

Thanks for the info ! I hope I'll be able to solve this issue

(06 Apr '20, 14:19) Nominageek

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answered 09 Apr '20, 15:17

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