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Nominatim search for "dukartstrasse, steyr" (Centre Point 48.0362809,14.4202254) and other objects in this area returns objects with a computed postcode of "4407", which is wrong. The correct postcode is "4400".

When searching with overpass for objects tagged with addr:postcode=4407 or 4400:


one can see that the objects with addr:postcode=4407 are further away (north) than the objects with addr:postcode=4400.

So why is the computed postcode "4407"? And how to correct the computed postcode (without tagging all objects in that area with addr:postcode=4400)?

asked 02 Apr '20, 07:44

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The postcode comes from the relation of Steyr. This used to have a postcode 4407 until 28 days ago. It is now 4400 but Nominatim has not yet picked that up in all of the town. I've forced a reindex and new 4400 should show up everywhere.

That said, when I look at the postcodes that are mapped already, I suspect this relation should not have a postcode tag at all because there is more than one postcode in use in its area. Nominatim will assume that a postcode on a administrative boundary means that it is valid everywhere. See this diary post for details on how postcodes are computed.

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answered 02 Apr '20, 08:20

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Only the district Steyr-Gleink and areas north of it (outside Steyr) have the postcode 4407. More than 90% of the area of the city of Steyr (and quite a few villages around) have postcode 4400. So we would need also relations for the districts of Steyr, which should then get a postcode assigned.

(02 Apr '20, 18:57) coproc

btw: yes, postcode 4400 is now the new default for 'computed postcode' inside Steyr. Thank you!

(02 Apr '20, 19:00) coproc
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