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when driving north to east (top to bottom) the gps switches from "driving on Main North Road" to "Driving on Trail" at this intersection, I tried to fix it the other day but went overboard and deleted the crossing, I feel that was a little over board and someone kindly reverted my edit... so now i'm back to square 1, can anybody help me please?

asked 02 Apr '20, 05:47

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edited 02 Apr '20, 15:32

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It's unclear what your issue is exactly. Are you complaining that you get sent the wrong way? Do you get confusing voice instructions? Something else?

What route are you talking of exactly? You could use the router on (road sign arrows button on the top left) and link to the result.

(02 Apr '20, 07:51) TZorn

it's not while routing, just normal driving. the GPS says "driving on Main North Road" then switches to "driving on Trail" at this intersection

(02 Apr '20, 08:21) slice0

Please tell us which device and app/software you are using.

(02 Apr '20, 09:00) scai ♦

Garmin Nuvi 1450, map is from both openmapchest and, both maps have same result

(02 Apr '20, 15:18) slice0

There's absolutely no difference in tagging of Main North Road between north and south side of this intersection. Did you notice any graphical difference on the display ?

I could not find any close path that could mistakenly used by the gps unit.

Or does it happen only during the crossing of the intersection ? In this case it could be that the gps thinks it follows the footway ?

(02 Apr '20, 16:39) H_mlet

the other person posted this it does look really messed up

(02 Apr '20, 16:43) slice0

since nuvi device is very different from other garmin device you must follow the steps for updates as instructed.garmin nuvi 1300 update . for your 1450, the method will be same as 1300 nuvi

(24 Oct '20, 10:29) james lane
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Hi Slice0. As has been pointed out by others there does not seem to be much wrong with the tagging. It probably comes down to your gps not identifying the road correctly you are on or messing up something else.

But I want to point out one important other thing. While figuring out what was going on you started deleting mapped paths that you found offending (eg). These parts were rightfully mapped and were probably valuable information for other users. Just because you think your GPS gets confused doesn't mean you should just delete them. Another user has kindly reverted these changes already so no lasting harm done but please be careful in the future before making such changes. It has been a good idea coming here for help.

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answered 03 Apr '20, 07:55

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I have tried GraphHopper and OSRM ( car mode) they are the two routing systems available on the map page and they both seem to work correctly to me. I suspect the mapping data on your GPS device is incorrect, can you install an update? The data on your device may not get updated to what is on OSMs database that quickly. This is what one router does when routing through your linked point. From your comment below changing OSM data won't fix your device's routing until that device has that new data installed, be aware that there is always a delay in updates being used in the map data incorporated into data assembled for an update. So what is the device, the app and does the device use OSM data, and if so how old is the data? and where did/will you download it from.

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answered 02 Apr '20, 14:29

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andy mackey
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edited 02 Apr '20, 21:57


I suspect a faulty edit here, I'm guessing the road does not look like this. Probably needs reverting.

(02 Apr '20, 14:51) andy mackey

routing is perfectly fine, it is just when the gps is just on and telling me where I am and which road I am driving on is when I notice it. the road does not look like that!, that might be the problem

(02 Apr '20, 15:10) slice0

The OSM map that is on your 1450 device may have the error is there a more recent download available. The Two OSM ones you have probably have the same error which HAS been fixed now. So try a new download(s).

(18 Aug '20, 11:14) andy mackey

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