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After working on metropolitan light rail routes, I'm wondering how I can verify the relations are correct. For example;

I think the relation is correct, but I'm not 100% convinced. OSM Relation Analyzer doesn't come up "green". It comes up red saying, "Split into several pieces. For this relation type it is required that it exists as one piece." Is it coming up red because I added stations and platforms and it thinks these elements are not physically attached to one another? When I click on the, "Analyze on map" button, I get a map of the relation with blue nodes displayed. These are alerts to errors? If they are errors, what needs to be corrected? When I click on the nodes I see, "Graph 0, Graph 1, Graph 2, etc." What does that mean?

I'm also attempting to use the JOSM relation window. There's nobody in my geographical area who can sit down with me and show me how to use it properly. When I click on, "sort the relation members" button. Does that mean JOSM sorts the ways so they're in the correct order after pressing the button? I assume JOSM sorts the various members based on element type in this window, e.g., platforms together, ways together, stations together? After sorting I see a tiny red dot at the top and the same red dot at the bottom of the window...meaning it's all sorted correctly now? If the platforms and stations are not sorted correctly, I assume I need to manually sort them, first station/platform at the top and then in descending order from top to bottom of the screen? Yep, a lot of questions here ;)

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A validation within JOSM (using SHIFT-V) shows that the role of the stations are missing in the relation. The role should probably be "stop" as explained here for the members of the relation :

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answered 29 Mar '20, 04:29

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Thank you :)

(29 Mar '20, 15:39) chachafish

Hi chachafish, my answer is only about learning JOSM and Relations In JOSM walking-, cycling-, bus- and train routes are all treated as relations

1) Learn OSM 2) Wiki 3) Relations

Polyglot is a Belgian mapper, he is the relation expert

Interview :

Diary :

His plugin for JOSM to edit relations

hth Gys

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answered 29 Mar '20, 08:52

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Gys de Jongh
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Great! Thanks :)

(29 Mar '20, 15:39) chachafish

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