Hi - I don't really edit this much, so I'm not sure how to do this task:


This relation needs fixing, the northern part ends a little more south, but there's something preventing me from changing it, like the bus stops aren't set for Route 34 in that stretch.

Here's the official map for reference: https://www.cota.com/wp-content/themes/gotravel-child/PDF/lines/34.pdf

Thanks, Mike

asked 27 Mar, 20:27

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Also relation 8347734 should be deleted or something; OSU Air has been discontinued.

(28 Mar, 02:56) mike44456

Are you asking how to resolve the gap near Greencrest Drive?

On the subject of the timetable you referenced: OSM usually requires either explicit permission of the copyright holder or clear statement of an acceptable license for something to be used as a source.

(28 Mar, 12:30) InsertUser

Not only the gap, but that the route stops a litte shorter than what's shown here. As for copyright, well what source does rt 34 use right now? And why is that sourcing requirement so strange/strict? It's not like we'd be copying the data, coordinates, or really anything copyrightable, we'd just be using it as an authority that the route ends in a particular place vs what's currently shown.

As for OSU Air being discontinued, I live here now and know that this is not a currently active service, plus there are many news reports and official releases about it.

Thanks -Mike

(28 Mar, 14:28) mike44456

Sources are mostly recorded on the changeset these days rather than the object so you would have to go back through the history to find out what it was.

The sourcing requirements are neither strange nor strict. There is a long history of people successfully suing others over copied maps. As a small nonprofit OSM takes quite a conservative approach, but one that is entirely reasonable. See the copyright page on the wiki, or the legal FAQ for more information.

If you have local knowledge that a service is permanently shut down, then you can probably delete it with "local knowledge" in the source box.

What editor are you using?

(29 Mar, 10:34) InsertUser

I am just clicking the 'edit' button, not sure how to delete OSU Air through that edit mode.

What are my options for modifying Route 34? Do I have to ride the line to see where it stops, or do I have to ask COTA to use their route information in OSM? Are those the only two options?

(30 Mar, 18:31) mike44456

Survey is preferred, but obtaining and documenting permission from the copyright holder is also used (often for larger imports). There are some templates/form letters in the wiki.

It appears that some of the bus signs near here are legible in Mapillary imagery, so it should be possible to add stops without redoing any groundwork (if the pictures aren't too old). The stop just before the turn of for the School for the Blind appears to have 34 signposted so it doesn't seem unreasonable for the bus to actually turn around at the loop indicated just to the north. Adding the stops would be useful from a routing standpoint as it would allow apps to indicate that this is the last opportunity to get off in this direction (or if the driver is likely to order you off).

(30 Mar, 22:34) InsertUser
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Editing relations in the default editor (iD) isn't the easiest, but it can be done.

Relations are listed below all of the presets and tags, to add a missing segment or stop:

  1. Select the object to be added, scroll down to all relations and click on the plus button.

  2. Select the correct relation and assign the relevant role according to the schema used by that route.

According to this question iD will automatically delete a relation when it no longer refers to any other objects.

Relations can only refer to whole objects, so if you need to terminate a route partway along a way you will need to split it into two parts and only add the relevant portion to the relation.

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Can you do it? That really is too complicated for me.

(01 Apr, 21:29) mike44456
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