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I see small roads made with 2 parallel dotted lines. This is not in the legend : What does it mean exactly ?

One of them is a private road strictly forbidden to anyone, access closed by a gate with a panel, since it is along a railway for maintenance purposes. Should it be mentioned on OSM ?



asked 25 Mar '20, 13:15

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Can you link to an example?

(25 Mar '20, 13:58) SomeoneElse ♦

don't you see the link "example" ?

(25 Mar '20, 14:03) tintinux

Ah! Now you point it out, yes (although it's not a link, only a picture). If you provide an actual link (just the browser URL) people would be able to answer immediately.

However, the legend is for the "standard" map, not the cycling one, which appears (from the tiny picture you have provided) to be the map that you are looking at. Change the map layer to the standard one and then look at the legend.

(25 Mar '20, 14:07) SomeoneElse ♦


With only an OSM link, you don't see the legend. That's why I sent a link to a screen capture.

We do expect a legend to explain the map and the displayed layer : there is something to improve.

On the standard map, it is the same : the road along the railway, north, has no explanation in the legend.


(26 Mar '20, 07:37) tintinux

If you could also link to the location, we would be able to say what type of road this is by looking at the data, and also see if access restrictions are tagged consistently with what you describe. I thought it might be a track, but the tracks I can find are displayed consistently with the legend in the standard layer (the legend says they should be a brown dashed line, and that is what I see).

(26 Mar '20, 10:07) alan_gr

In the OpenCycleMap style that you're looking at, a dashed line indicates a track.

Styling decisions like this are based on the underlying OSM data for that road/path. You can always see the underlying data by clicking the "?" tool on the right (the bottom one) and then clicking the road/path.

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answered 26 Mar '20, 16:56

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