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Hello All,

I am Basile Starynkevitch living near Paris in France. Professionally a 60 years old research engineer (with a PhD in AI) in a cybersecurity lab of CEA/LIST. Working there on bismon (a GPLv3 software, with web interface, funded by H2020 European research projects). So I do have developer skills related to web technologies (JavaScript, HTML5, AJAX).

As all Frenchmen, I am confined at home because of the Covid19 virus. I probably have it already (little fever and cough). We are not allowed to go out except for good reasons (buying food or medicine, health reasons), so there is a curfew.

I want to code quickly a GPLv3+ application (and deploy it under https://b-star-y.tech/ (right now it does not work) which shows some OpenStreet map address and translates that into a GPS position (longitude, latitude). The idea is to help neighbors to help other neighbors buying food and medicine.

But that I don't know how to do.

Could someone give me a short example of open source code to show a map and get the GPS location from it?

Thanks. My email is basile-freelance @ starynkevitch.net

asked 21 Mar '20, 05:42

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Are you looking to use OSM for geocoding or "just" as a background where users can drop pins? There are many frameworks that work with OSM, the best option will probably depend on exactly you want to do.

(21 Mar '20, 12:17) InsertUser

See my answer below.

(21 Mar '20, 13:28) Basile Stary...

We started coding the https://github.com/bstarynk/helpcovid application (GPLv+3 licensed) and we now have its mailing list on https://framalistes.org/sympa/info/helpcovid

We want the user to enter his location on OpenStreetMap and deduce a GPS location.

We are also seeking for (concerning France) an open data association between a postal code (more exactly a "code postal" in France), the name of a city (more exactly a French "commune"), and its GPS location.

For my location, since I am living in 92340 Bourg-La-Reine (near Paris), it would mean for example a CSV table containing a row like


If I was a user of helpcovid I would like to enter my personal data in an HTML5 form similar to

<form method='post' action='....'>
<label for='city_inp'>City</label><input type='text' id='city_inp'/> <br/>
<label for='firstname_inp'>First Name:</label><input type='text' id='firstname_inp'/> <br/>
<label for='familyname_inp'>Family Name:</label><input type='text' id='firstname_inp'/> <br/>
<label for='postalcode_inp'>Postal Code:</label><input type='text' id='postalcode_inp'/> <br/>
<input type='submit' id='submit_inp' value='send'/>

But I also want to enter my location using OpenStreetMap.

Thanks for your help.

In French, some Debian person told me about https://nouvelle-techno.fr/actualites/2018/05/11/pas-a-pas-inserer-une-carte-openstreetmap-sur-votre-site

And another one mentioned https://www.data.gouv.fr/fr/datasets/base-officielle-des-codes-postaux/

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answered 21 Mar '20, 13:13

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The Potential Datasources/France page might have something useful for what you need, I don't know how compatible they will be with ODBL or if that will be an issue the way you plan on structuring your project.

(21 Mar '20, 15:01) InsertUser
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