I've been trying to download UK maps to put onto my Garmin Edge 800 for offroad cycling, but the link sent to me through http://garmin.openstreetmap.nl/ is only in _tiles.zip format (Linux users). I am not getting the download link for gmapsupp.zip. Any ideas why this would be? Copied the email below. Thanks! Dave

The server has generated four different configurations of your map: 1 _windows.exe = Installer for Garmin BaseCamp/MapSource (Windows). 2 _macosx.zip = Installer for Garmin BaseCamp/RoadTrip (Mac OSX) 3 _gmapsupp.zip = Combined image for direct manual placement on the GPS device (gmapsupp.img) 4 _tiles.zip = A zip file containing the tiles in the request, especially useful for Linux users (e.g. QLandkarte)**

Please browse to the website listed below and download the map configuration(s) you're interested in. Your request will be available on the server for 120 hours before it's deleted. http://osm.pleiades.uni-wuppertal.de/garmin/openfietsmap_lite/01-03-2020/95844ee17b4a0dd2b4bc88d573325de4

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That site's been embarrassingly broken (on and off) for some time. I'd suggest that you try someshere else from this list.

(17 Mar '20, 17:04) SomeoneElse ♦
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