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example: pinning Disk https://images.app.goo.gl/CDzfoyNLtnBkntNN7 Spinning wheel: https://images.app.goo.gl/iUcpbc6jzaVU9JKS9 how should I map these? they are not an option I can select. https://www.openstreetmap.org/node/7300917865


I tagged it as

baby=no name:en=Spinning Disk playground=structure

and baby=no name:en=Spinning Wheel playground=structure

I don't know where to suggest features like this yet, it's not on wikipedia, so I don't know, so far adding things from wikipedia seemed to eventually get added as an option.

asked 17 Mar '20, 02:58

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edited 17 Mar '20, 03:02

I would tag it as playground=spinningwheel, as this would follow the scheme playground=basketrotator, found the on the wiki page for playground. If you are editing in iD, you will find a header "All Tags" in the left pane, where you can add any tag you want.

I would remove the name:en tag, as it is not name Spinnning Wheel, it a spinning wheel. We also do not map benches with name=Bench. (explained better in name is the name only.

Normally you can use any tag tag you want, but in order to get traction, it is best to document new tags that you invent. If you are sure spinning wheel is the correct Britsh-English word for the toy you could simply add it to the playground wiki page.

However, for more complex proposals or in case you are not sure about the British English word, you could contact the tagging mailing list for help.

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answered 17 Mar '20, 04:44

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I don't really understand why no separation is used in the approved value, or whether it was simply overlooked. There are quite a few underscore-separated values suggested in the proposal discussion. In current usage, there are 596 =horizontal_bar, 496 =splash_pad, and 210 =four_square; aerialway=zip_line was suggested for playground=zipwire.

(17 Mar '20, 06:08) Kovoschiz

the wheel is different from the pictured wheel, it's pretty much the same as I linked to, but not as big and not at such angle.

(17 Mar '20, 07:21) mtbboy1993

Nothing "prevents" you from using a "new" value. There are 20 ambiguous =spinner, and 1 =spinning_dish (and 1 =spinningdish and =spinningbowl in the approved style). We can think about whether to use =spinner + something like spinner=* (or spinner:=), orplayground=spinning_*` directly. Before that, it may be more important to clarify what are they actually called. Both "wheel" and "disk" may be confused with merry-go-rounds.


Use description= and description:en= for generic terms.

it's not on wikipedia, so I don't know, so far adding things from wikipedia seemed to eventually get added as an option.

It's a wiki, not "Wikipedia".

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answered 17 Mar '20, 05:59

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edited 17 Mar '20, 06:25

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