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Trying to add some locations but I'm struggling. If I send a list, could someone please help me?


asked 16 Mar '20, 08:39

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What have you tried and which editor? Give us a step by step so we know where it failed for you, please.

(16 Mar '20, 09:01) andy mackey

Tried to add location Host Davant as myself. This is where it is on Google Maps - @29.6198796,-89.8949303,17z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x557e913b2a899ccd!8m2!3d29.6198796!4d-89.8927416?authuser=1">,-89.8949303,17z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x557e913b2a899ccd!8m2!3d29.6198796!4d-89.8927416?authuser=1

Just had trouble doing it here.

Thanks, Andy!

(16 Mar '20, 09:25) PJ89

I'm afraid we cannot copy information from Google Maps; it violates their copyright.

(16 Mar '20, 09:46) Frederik Ramm ♦

I didn't say to copy their information. I was displaying what the address is.

(16 Mar '20, 09:51) PJ89

Do you have enough information about the locations you want to add so that you can identify the buildings on aerial imagery? Because if all you have is the address then you will not be able to identify the building on OSM. If you do have the necessary knowledge to identify from aerial imagery which building exactly you mean, then you can zoom to the area in question on, hit the "edit" button, sign up if you haven't already, go through the tutorial, trace the building outline, add the properties you want to add (e.g. name, what kind of business or location it is etc), click "upload", and you're done. But let me stress again, a list of businesses and their addresses is not sufficient.

(16 Mar '20, 09:57) Frederik Ramm ♦

Hey Frederik, I have that. The problem was that when I typed the address on OSM, I couldn't even get the address to appear here. So I was stuck in Step one.


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answered 16 Mar '20, 09:59

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That probably means the address is not in OSM.

If you know, from personal knowledge, where it is located, you can find it from zooming and panning, as said by Frederik, and add the address data, plus your business listing.

Otherwise you're stuck, you'll have to go there and check. Or ask the people there, if you know them, to do it. Or try to find an authorized source of addresses in the area (some city, or countries publish their address data with a suitable license). In any case it's quite an undertaking !


(16 Mar '20, 10:39) H_mlet

Hey H_mlet, thanks for your comment. What do you suggest? Whats the best way to get these onto OSM?

(16 Mar '20, 11:37) PJ89

The first question is how did you obtain the list of POIs. Most of the time people collect POI by visiting the place themselves and using a GPS device or smartphone to collect lat/long. So there is no problem to map the points.

If however, you only got a list of addresses by downloading them from a website, it is a whole other story and you might violate the DB-rights of anyone that compiled that list.

(17 Mar '20, 09:34) escada

It's not too difficult to edit the map. You will find help here I had to spend a few hours learning and understanding some of the processes before editing. It is probably simplest choose the iD editor. Alternatively you could add the a note to the map, which may get an active mapper to look at it.

alt text

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answered 16 Mar '20, 23:34

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andy mackey
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edited 17 Mar '20, 09:27

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