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Hello everyone, I recently added a new path in the OSM database and I have no trouble seeing it in the map. But when I zoom in a bit, the path suddenly disappears... Another problem comes when I try to draw a route (with RideWithGPS): if I choose the option to follow roads to draw the route, the site does not follow my path, even though I can see it on the map (the site uses OSM maps!). Would like to know if it is caused by an error of mine during the creation of the path or something else... Thank you!

asked 14 Mar '20, 11:00

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Websites such as RideWithGPS typically update their routing less frequently than the maps update on the main website. Updates can take days, months or even more.

If you provide a link to the path, people can possibly help further.

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answered 14 Mar '20, 11:55

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This is the path I was talking about:

(15 Mar '20, 10:46) dpaste

You should add access tags to make it clear that bikes are allowed to use the path - i.e. bicycle=yes. Some routers will not follow a path unless explicit access tags are present.

(15 Mar '20, 12:58) Richard ♦

When a new path is added to the map it will take some time for all of tiles ( of different magnification levels ) to be updated, which could explain why the track shows on some levels and not others. Clearing browser cache can sometimes help the new tiles to display. It will take even longer for routing engine to react to new data. I have tested it with the two map page routers osrm and graphopper, here one

But as Richard as pointed out the new route needs cycle access tags for routing to work.

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answered 15 Mar '20, 17:37

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