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*new to OSM. I'm a GIS professional and would like to contribute to digitizing OSM using my remote sensing experience. Is there an easy way to find places that badly need to be digitized? Is panning around the only option? Thanks!

asked 13 Mar '20, 19:50

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IMHO, what is most needed is people adding local knowledge about things that cannot be seen on aerial images: e.g. POI with opening hours, wheelchair access, access permissions, public toilets, benches, and a lot more.

If that is not what you prefer to do, you can take a look at one of the many tasks offered via the HOT tasking manager where the main focus is on digitizing aerial photos for humanitarian purposes.

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answered 14 Mar '20, 06:40

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The QA page of the wiki lists a lot of tools which can point you to problematic data. When I don't know where to start I usually load Osmose around my place. MapRoulette is a nice one to go from one side of the world to the other, on thematic tasks.

The country-specific projects, usually documented on the wiki, can also be useful. In the US, I hear mainly of the TIGER import cleanup, which seems to be a huge task, mostly doable remotely.

Following mailing-lists takes a lot of time, but gave me a lot of ideas of what could be improved.

Lately I played with MapWithAI to import detected by FB which are not on OSM. Not exactly precise, but still gave me a lot of work, exploring missing tracks in my countryside.


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answered 15 Mar '20, 15:28

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I agree with escada and in addition i like to map construction sites. They have lots of delivery vehicles and new workers that need be able to find them. Lost vehicles are bad for traffic issues and pollution levels which OSM can help to reduce with up to date mapping.

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answered 14 Mar '20, 09:50

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