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My name is Teymur Agayev. I work at Veyseloglu group of companies, one of the biggest companies in Azerbaijan. When we use your website, the territories of Azerbaijan Republic occupied by armenians are shown in armenian language on the map. There is a resolution by UN ( that these territories (Nagorno – Karabakh) belong to Azerbaijan, but unfortunately in our country we see these territories not in Azeri either English language, but see it in armenian language. We kindly ask you to support to solve this technical issue, we should see it in Azerbaijan language.

Waiting your response

Thanks in advance

Teymur Agayev

asked 11 Mar '20, 07:47

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Teymur Agayev
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OpenStreetMap is not a map of UN resolutions but a map of facts on the ground. Illegal occupations are an unfortunate fact, but nonetheless a fact that has practical consequences, and we aim to show this "practical" situation rather than something that might be desirable but doesn't match reality. See our "Disputed territories" document for details of our approach:

However, since our data and software are licensed openly, you can set up your own tile server and configure that to always see labels in the language of your choice. There are many tile servers like that, for example which shows German names or the "Kosmosnimki" map style on which uses Russian labels throughout. You are free to follow in that example and set up a tile server for your use.

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answered 11 Mar '20, 08:04

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