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Hello, I am samith. I am interested to learn about OSM editing. Normally OSM satellite map is not a higher resolution image. So, I have difficulty to digitize buildings with higher accuracy. So, I got a new Lidar image with 1 m resolution. That image is a georeferenced image. Now I want to import that image into OSM. then I can take good resolution and good accuracy of the building layer. Plz explain the process that we can import our images into OSM

asked 09 Mar '20, 06:28

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Samith Madus...
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first we do not import imagery in OpenStreetMap, we use it as a background layer to trace data.

Second, when you buy a license to use an image, you don't necessarily buy to right to do everything with it, I think you should check that.

One of the most tricky point is that people sell OSM data, and the license allow this. So they will sell data coming from your interpretation of this imagery. I see three results possible :

  1. You really can do anything, including sharing it with others.
  2. You can use it to produce other work, which you can share.
  3. You can't share anything coming from that data.

If 1., then I think you best bet would be to upload it to OpenAerialMap, so that anybody will be able to use it also. This platform is meant for UAV imagery, but I think Lidar could fit as well. There might be other platforms.

If 2., the problem is that you'll be able to trace from your imagery, but nobody will be able to check your work. If you use it to fine-tune geometry of objects visible on other imagery, that should be fine. But if you add objects, other people might delete them.

Disclaimer, I'm no lawyer, I might be wrong on my interpretation of the license.

If you need help for the technical part, please tell at least the file format of your data. JOSM should be able to open most geo-referenced image, for example with this plugin.


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answered 09 Mar '20, 17:16

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Realy appreciate your valuable answer sir. The format of the image is tif. it is a georeferenced Lidar image. i want to use it as a background image to edit map. Plz, guide me to know this process, sir.

(09 Mar '20, 18:18) Samith Madus...

Are you familiar with JOSM ?

You can use the previously mentioned plugin if your tif is not WGS84. Otherwise, I think you just have to open your file with JOSM, and it will load as a background layer.

Unfortunately I don't have access to geotiff files, so I can't test. If you can share a sample of your files, or one of the same source, it would be easier to help you.

Best regards.

(13 Mar '20, 15:04) H_mlet

You will need permissions from the owners of the images before they can used for OSM mapping see

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answered 09 Mar '20, 09:02

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andy mackey
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Yes. I have bought it Sir. I have ownership of that. But I can not sell it again. Then how I can import it.

(09 Mar '20, 09:18) Samith Madus...

That may not be good enough. But hopefully it is. Someone with better legal knowledge can answer it for you. The JOSM editor may have a plugin that can use the image, but i haven't used it.

(09 Mar '20, 09:49) andy mackey

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