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i was wondering, if there is a possibility to map house numbers easily. I just know of this Mapzen App, where you can map POIs, but not house numbers, and for "normal" interested people, not techies, it is quiet difficult to do this with JOSM etc, the usability is really bad.

Any ideas?

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asked 26 Aug '11, 12:57

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Bruder Jakob
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(26 Nov '11, 23:24) emj

Have reopened question as the previous one was answered with "use JOSM" and the questioner this time has expressly said they don't want to do that.

(27 Nov '11, 09:16) Richard ♦

On Android there is OsmPad for entering data on a displayed map and Keypad mapper for when you want to record addresses when you're out and about. Unfortunately for your situation neither of them upload directly to OpenStreetMap, although in the case of Keypad Mapper you would need to "tweak" the locations of the nodes in an editor before upload anyway. If you want to stay on Android (and are familiar with the file system) you can open the files these produce in Vespucci in order to upload them (I would tend to use JOSM though).

On a desktop, the current default editor (iD) has quite a good interface for adding addresses. The address fields show up by default when an area is tagged as building and they can be added quite easily to a point through the same interface when you search for "address" using the search bar at the top.

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answered 25 Nov '14, 19:10

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Just noticed this was from 2011. Don't know how I managed to stumble into it.

(25 Nov '14, 21:14) InsertUser

In any case the preferred solution for this specific case would be to use vespucci directly to collect the addresses.

(25 Nov '14, 23:06) SimonPoole ♦

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