There is a library building outline which has some good tags, but inside it is an unconnected node that has more tags for the same library. Before re-entering the tags on the building, I thought I should ask whether there is a simple way to copy or move them from one entity to another.

asked 05 Mar, 15:19

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Happy Hobo
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That depends on the editor you are using.

in iD: select the node, in the left panel scroll all the way down to "all tags", expand the list, click the icon on the top right corner of that list "text", select and copy the attributes, go to the library outline, repeat the steps from above and insert the tags at the bottom of the list, delete those lines that should not be added.

in JOSM: select the node, in the attributes screen on the right mark those you want to copy. Select the outline of the library and go to edit menu - insert attributes (cntrl+shift+v)

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answered 05 Mar, 16:38

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I can’t use ID or JOSM on my iPad, but I’ll try that on my laptop when I can.

(06 Mar, 02:57) Happy Hobo

Go Map on iOS will copy and paste all the tags from another object into the original set by separating with colons (ie appending values, instead of overwriting). You then edit it into how you want it to be.

(06 Mar, 07:45) Kovoschiz

Worth mentioning for JOSM: If you want to copy all tags of an item, you don't need to mark them – you can also select and copy (Ctrl + c) the item itself, then use "Paste tags" (Ctrl+Shift+v).

(06 Mar, 20:47) Tordanik

Moving the tags from a point onto a way or, I think, relation in JOSM is pretty easy: Select both using shift clicks. Then use the "replace geometry" function. Not sure on the key short cut as it is in my muscle memory, maybe ctrl+shift+g

That will move the tags from the point to the way (and relation?) and delete the point.

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answered 05 Mar, 23:56

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If you are using Potlatch2 pressing "R" will repeat the tags from the previously selected item.

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answered 07 Mar, 08:42

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andy mackey
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