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Hello, I want to download the .pbf file of Seattle directly.

I tried using but the data on that site is not up to date, and other services seems no manual bbox (type the 4 coordinate) extract support.

Also, I think download the plant.osm and crop it inconvenient.

There's no matter what shape it is (a rectangle or the city border), and how to get the newest .pbf file?

asked 27 Feb '20, 02:24

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Maybe it would be a good idea to explain what you actually want to acheive in the end?

(27 Feb '20, 10:02) SimonPoole ♦

Opening a whole city's data in JOSM is unusual, and might be impossible.

(27 Feb '20, 10:22) H_mlet

Would the state of Washington be too big? This one from Geofabrik is 5 hours old:

Exact procedure:

  1. Download Washington extract from Geofabrik.
  2. Download Seattle poly from as seattle.poly
  3. Use osmconvert: osmconvert washington.osm.pbf -B=seattle.poly -o=seattle.osm.pbf
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answered 27 Feb '20, 07:08

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Yes, I think it will be too big and slower when render in JOSM. I also tried to use the Overpass API to download the Seattle area, but I don't know which format it is (seems it isn't a .osm but a .xml file) or how to open it. Is there a command that can convert it into a osm.pbf file in the Linux terminal?

(27 Feb '20, 09:45) mxooc

I generate the output .pbf file successfully, but I can't open it in JOSM because it isn't the .osm.pbf format, is there any difference between these 2 formats?

(27 Feb '20, 10:08) mxooc

Hm, the pbf should be a .osm.pbf. Did you try renaming it or using osmconvert with -o seattle.osm.pbf?

(27 Feb '20, 10:19) Spiekerooger

Yes, and then it can be imported. Thank you.

(27 Feb '20, 10:23) mxooc

thank you, so I edited the answer to present a step by step procedure for anyone facing the same problem.

(27 Feb '20, 10:38) Spiekerooger
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