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I created but it does not show on the map? it is found via Turbo Overpass

asked 13 Feb '20, 20:37

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alexander du...
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edited 13 Feb '20, 20:39

I am not sure if the standard carto-css rendering used on the reference map will render man_made=observatory. There seems to be only a limited number mapped world wide and it probably hasn't been thought of by the people who maintain the rendering style sheets.

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answered 13 Feb '20, 22:46

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  1. You should ask on if anything
  2. The "proper" tag is man_made=telescope and landuse=observatory, according to the proposal, which is rendered by OSM Carto There's issue with OSM Wiki's page (especially as "Possible tagging errors"), pointed out by

[edit] Note: man_made=observatory is an iD preset, and someone made a JOSM preset for it. There are inconclusive discussion / mention of it on OSM Carto. In the case here, it is unclear whether man_made=observatory refers to a facility with astronomical observing equipment (supposed intention of man_made=), or the site of an organization doing astronomical observations (office? club? Social center?...).

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answered 14 Feb '20, 08:16

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(14 Feb '20, 09:08) alexander du...

First of all: Is Sterrenwacht De Polderster actually a permanent "observatory" facility with fixed equipment? It looks like a "observatory" organization to me.

(14 Feb '20, 11:54) Kovoschiz

well, all this is pretty demotivating... what a mess.

"De Polderster" is an astronomical organisation. the node contains observing equipment and is used by that organisation (see the website).

the query that I try to write to find back all these places is an indication of the problems that exist in trying to get astronomical organisations on the map...

``` ( node [man_made=observatory] ["observatory:type"="astronomical"] ({{bbox}}); way [man_made=observatory] ["observatory:type"="astronomical"] ({{bbox}}); area [man_made=observatory] ["observatory:type"="astronomical"] ({{bbox}}); relation [man_made=observatory] ["observatory:type"="astronomical"] ({{bbox}});

node [man_made=observatory] ({{bbox}}); way [man_made=observatory] ({{bbox}}); area [man_made=observatory] ({{bbox}}); relation [man_made=observatory] ({{bbox}});

/ node [man_made=telescope] ({{bbox}}); way [man_made=telescope] ({{bbox}}); area [man_made=telescope] ({{bbox}}); relation [man_made=telescope] ({{bbox}}); / ); /added by auto repair/ (._;>;); /end of auto repair/ out;```

(16 Feb '20, 11:19) alexander du...

Had your observatory, telescope or office been in the UK would show it.

If you want to render a map for NL based on that style, you're welcome to do so. Many other OSM-based maps exist - maybe some also cover NL and also show what you want?

To be fair to the people who look after the "standard" map tiles that you see by default at, there are conflicting requests - it has to look nice, be useful as a reference and also be "useful". Personally, I think that those are conflicting goals and impossible to achieve. Years ago there were two "standard" maps - a pretty one (which evolved into today's OSM Carto) and one that showed absolutely everything, but was "not quite so easy on the eye".

(16 Feb '20, 12:30) SomeoneElse ♦

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