How should I tag a named bridge that carries a (differently) named road?

For example, in Newcastle there is a bridge across the Tyne called "Swing Bridge" which carries a tertiary road called "Bridge Street".

The current tagging is just:

name=Swing Bridge

which works, but doesn't record the name of the street. The name of the bridge is useful, as that is how locals would give you directions and is probably what should be rendered on the map, but the street name is also potentially useful - especially when searching.

Do we have any established technique for recording both names?

I'm guessing a similar problem exists for other named bridges and there may be worse case (e.g. I could imagine a named bridge that carrys several different named ways)

asked 25 Aug '11, 15:25

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A straightforward approach is the bridge_name key. It has been proposed a while ago.

Bridge relations, another proposal, address the issue at a more fundamental level: By modelling bridges as objects on their own, rather than just way attributes. Tags can then be added to the bridge as usual, and it is possible to properly model multiple ways running over the same bridge.

Both proposals are currently used about 2000 times, see Taginfo for current statistics (type=bridge, bridge_name).

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answered 25 Aug '11, 18:09

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bridge_name seems to be used quite a bit.

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answered 25 Aug '11, 15:43

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you can create a relation for the bridge, look there: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Relations/Proposed/Bridges_and_Tunnels

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answered 25 Aug '11, 15:53

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You also have;
alt_name - when alternative name exists (which doesn't fit in one of the tags name above)
loc_name - Locally known as

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answered 25 Aug '11, 23:51

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