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I'm having problems with traffic island grass verges at the side of the road and barriers at the side of the road; can someone tell me how to do these?

asked 25 Aug '11, 13:18

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For something as small as a patch of grass at the side of a road I don't think that "village_green" is a good answer, because, well, it's not a village green is it?

A few months back "landcover" was suggested (as an alternative to landuse, so that you could have landuse=foo, landcover=bar. It's a nice idea, but almost no-one uses landcover=grass.

However, surface=grass probably also works in your case and is much more popular.

For larger grassy items, you might consider landuse=village_green, leisure=park or landuse=recreation_ground - choose the thing that's most appropriate (or if none of them are, use something else).

One thing that I wouldn't worry about at this stage is how e.g. a grass verge renders in the main Mapnik map - rightly, I don't think that it is concerned with features that small, even at maximum current zoom.

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answered 25 Aug '11, 22:13

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For small pieces of city vegetation (too small to be a park, eg. your grass verges) I use village green even if it is probably not what it is meant for, but it is the closest one. Grass alone suggests that it is grass, not a place covered also with trees and bushes.

For barriers at side of the road use some of these depending on what kind of barrier there is.

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answered 25 Aug '11, 13:56

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It is fine that some do not like this answer, but those who vote it down should give their own (better) answer or at least leave a comment stating what is wrong...

(25 Aug '11, 20:21) LM_1

From the wiki, a village green is defined as "An area of common land (usually grass but may also be a lake), in the centre of a village". This clearly does not apply to patches of grass at the side of a road.

It would be more useful to tag it as landuse=grass (if it is mostly grass) or perhaps landuse=meadow (if there are some wildflowers), or natural=scrub or natural=heath (if there are some bushes).

(25 Aug '11, 21:24) Vclaw
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