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I would like to complete forests in Switzerland with iD. The problem is that the features disappear on a certain zoom level, so I can only see what is not mapped yet when I zoom in, which is very annoying because most forests are already mapped. In order to see what is not mapped yet I need to zoom out and look at the map from a wide angle, otherwise I have to scroll through very small regions, which is unfeasible. I tried out JOSM but it's not working... Is this a better app (if it worked)?

asked 10 Feb '20, 13:04

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Can you give example URLs where you see things and where you don't?

Have you tried a different tile server? There are four available directly from, and lots of others too.

(10 Feb '20, 13:23) SomeoneElse ♦

"I tried out JOSM but it's not working..." are you sure? Can you explain what you did?

(10 Feb '20, 13:39) Kovoschiz

Maybe I did not explain myself accurately: I see the map on every zoom level (Bing), but I don't see the lines, for instance, around a forest from a certain zoom level: when the scale in the lower left corner says 100m, I see them, for >400m, I don't see the lines.

As for JOSM, it says: could not enable it or something like this. I have JAVA installed on my PC.

(10 Feb '20, 14:01) Huldrich

The data is there whether it is displayed on the map or not. One way to view specific data is to use the Overpass Turbo tool. This query will return features tagged "landuse=forest" for the bounding box of the screen, but you can modify that if you want different tags. Note that if you zoom out too far, it will return too much data. You can use the wizard to modify the query, for example to limit the query to particular geography, like a country, canton, district, etc.

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answered 10 Feb '20, 18:11

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