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I'm trying to edit the right hand side template.


alt text

I click 'edit source' for the whole page, select & edit the template.

I delete the highlighted line.

alt text

Not only does it keep the existing, but it now adds in a name option!

alt text

What is going on?

asked 07 Feb '20, 14:23

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I recently discovered wikibase, a wikidata for the osm wiki. The point is to centralize documentation in machine-readable format, for translations or other tools (taginfo, etc). It's mainly used in the templates.

On item Q6491, which means building=train_station, you'll find a section "combination" with the tags you mentioned.

I don't know the details, but when you removed all combinations from template parameters, the template probably started to use the wikibase data.

On a side note, why don't you like these proposed combinations ?


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answered 07 Feb '20, 17:24

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edited 07 Feb '20, 17:24

They often have different names. OSM convention is the railway=station object shouldn't have 'railway station' in the name, but the building objects can, based on the their signs. They can be large distances apart. (Central London underground Stations) There can be multiple station buildings.

(07 Feb '20, 22:52) DaveF

I suppose the first proposed combination is meant for small stations where there is only one building.

In either case I think a name should be useful.

Anyway you should really have a look at wikibase and try to correct/discuss the problem there.


(08 Feb '20, 02:48) H_mlet

The wiki makes no distinction in size. Conformity in mapping techniques across all stations is beneficial. To be clear, I'm saying both objects should have a name tag. Unsure how utilizing this wikibase would have helped as the 'railway=station' under 'combinations' wasn't in wikibase but added directly ot the template in building=train_station. Why did adding 'railway=station' prevent 'name' from being displayed in 'combination'? | First sentence of the 'Data Items' page says keys & tags are metadata. 1) Shouldn't that be 'keys & values'? 2) Aren't keys & values data not metadata?

(08 Feb '20, 12:24) DaveF

Not exactly sure of your point, but Mateusz Konieczny removed the combination claim on railway=station between our messages. Guess that's where I lost it.

(08 Feb '20, 15:06) H_mlet

To answer my own question: The line can't be removed totally:

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answered 07 Feb '20, 22:44

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That's a way to go around the problem, but you don't solve it for other tools and languages.

(08 Feb '20, 02:44) H_mlet

Unaware it was required, & given certain country's communities desire to go off on a tangent from accepted mapping techniques, I've no enthusiasm for doing so.

(08 Feb '20, 11:48) DaveF

Well, as said in my first message I just discovered wikibase, I did not invent it. Contrary to what I thought, an empty parameter does not overload the template, it also retrieve the data from wikibase (which was meanwhile updated).

As for your last remark, if you document your accepted techniques only in english, it won't help.

Only trying to help. Regards.

(08 Feb '20, 15:15) H_mlet

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