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I changed an incorrect name of a road on Vancouver Island in November. It has not changed on the OSM map, but if I try to edit it the map that opens shows the change. Can someone explain this?

asked 07 Feb '20, 03:46

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please provide a link to the area (copy the URL at top of the map) and preferably give the name of the street (old and new) as well.

(07 Feb '20, 04:02) escada

If you mean this way: https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/215958970 (taken from your earlier question), the name is still "Young Lake Road" and also has a name:en=B22. Since the standard style on osm.org always displays the name field, Young Lake Road is what gets displayed. There are certainly apps that will take name:en (such as Nominatim in my case) and display B22. But in the end, the tagging is wrong when Young Lake Road is not the name of the road.

To solve the problem you should remove the name-field and change the name:en to ref. B22 is a reference for a road, not a name. At least, in general such short letter-number combinations are references. It is, of course, possible that B22 is the name. But that is local knowledge, so you will know better.

The same should be done for https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/215958978

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answered 07 Feb '20, 04:13

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