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I'm pretty new to OpenStreetMap and i'm sorry for my bad english. I'm trying to get terrain information from a specific bounding box. I tried it with overpass turbo but had no success. It would be nice if i could get informations like forrest, grassland, desert, snow or if the location in the bbx is ocean (maybe also temperature).

I found the 'natural' key/tag but im not sure if this contains all the information i'm looking for

In the end my plan is to make a python script that gets these informations from multiple locations(bbx's)

asked 03 Feb '20, 14:23

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Please note OSM has no information on temperature.

(04 Feb '20, 04:11) escada

Your first place to look is in the wiki to find the correct 'key' for each entity you wish to locate:

To get different boundary boxes use: (Press Alt & drag with mouse left button)

To find single entity types:

nwr [natural=wood](51.4649882,-0.089,51.5457077,0.079);
out geom;

To find multiple entities types:

nwr [landuse=forest];
nwr [leisure=park];
out geom;

Unsure if ocean is an OSM type - look up coastline

Also seasonal but unsure how widely it's used.

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answered 03 Feb '20, 15:01

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is it possible to get all tags or keys that the current boundary box has? for example i want to get all keys or tags from this boundary box: [bbox:54.4438,7.1249,54.6032,7.4435]

(03 Feb '20, 15:08) Fliens

Just remove the tags, but be careful not to make the area too large, especially over land. It'll return large amounts of data.

(03 Feb '20, 16:12) DaveF

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