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can someone help me with this?

  1. some roads got two lanes at a junction ( one lane for going ahead and the other to turn in a other road) how can I do it on open street map?

  2. on some roads they got a small tarmac area what is used for parking, how is this called and how can i add it?

  3. how can I add

  4. bus bays,
  5. parking area at the side of the road and
  6. pavements?

  7. Is there something on open street map for no parking on roads also for accident blackspots

asked 24 Aug '11, 11:36

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I have edited your question to separate the individual questions. Next time please ask only one question in one post. If you have more questions add them as multiple questions, not as one.

(24 Aug '11, 15:51) LM_1

... or you can ask questions about several points at once at

(24 Aug '11, 18:43) stephan75

also i'm problems with traffic island grass verges at the side of the road and barriers at side of the road can someone tell me how to do these

(25 Aug '11, 11:43) darrenrobert

It would be better to ask a separate question for each question - that way when people in future do a search they'll get relevant help questions rather then a question addressing many issues, most of which won't be relevant to them.

Also - because of the structure of the site, once a new question has been asked it only really makes sense to add answers or comments to it - new questions added as answers will only cause confusion!

(25 Aug '11, 12:05) SomeoneElse ♦

  1. You can add number of lanes as lanes=3 (or any other number). There has been a proposal on the wiki to map this, but I have never seen this on the map.
  2. If it is used for parking tag it as amenity=parking
  3. Adding detailed road features:
  4. bus bays - I do not know. Maybe adding another lane for the part with bus bay?
  5. parking - amenity=parking
  6. pavements - see
  7. I do not know, but it should be.
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answered 24 Aug '11, 17:29

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Re pavements - the wiki sidewalk page was created relatively recently; also footway=both/left/right was already used (in fact, there are twice as many "footway=both" as "sidewalk=both" currently). If someone has mapped the fact that there's a pavement at the side of the road in the UK you'll tend to see e.g. footway= rather than sidewalk=; and I guess the opposite will be true across the Atlantic.

There are also people who suggest mapping them as a separate parallel way. This has been discussed at length on the tagging mailing list, and both sides of the argument think the other side is bonkers.

Personally, I'd say that while mapping sidewalks/pavements as separate ways might make sense in some places (such as here in Helsinki) where paths start off alongside roads but then often head off on their own, in most places in the UK footway=both/left/right/none or sidewalk=both/left/right/none is probably the better option (and it's less work to map)

As to whether you use e.g. "sidewalk=both" or "footway=both" I don't think that it really matters - it's one of the few places in OSM where a mass change of data for consistency (just "blah=both/left/right/none") wouldn't lose any subtle meaning. However, speaking as someone who occasionally walks home in the dark it's really useful data to have collected.

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answered 24 Aug '11, 20:46

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