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I'm not a developer at all. I just see the importance of what OSM is doing. Is there any way I can start using it in my casual going around? Say, I plan some route on my bike, right now my (Android) phone will show me a route using Google's map; I assume there's no casual way to switch over...?

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There are quite some apps that use OpenStreetMap data for their maps:

I'm most familiar with OSMAnd. It has on-device maps and routing, with profiles for cars, bikes and pedestrians. Maps.Me has similar features, with a less cluttered interface.

As a practical matter, you may find that OpenStreetMap doesn't have a lot of address information in your region of interest (there are countries with excellent coverage and countries with almost no coverage and so on, it varies a lot).

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OruxMaps and LocusMap are more targetted towards hiking, geocaching and MTB-riding. (Imho) Magic Earth adds other open address sources and has traffic information. MapsFactor navigator has traffic information as well, but you have to pay for it.

(29 Jan '20, 04:07) escada

I use OsmAnd(+ version, having felt the free one was worth making the donation) for routing (as maxerickson says though - coverage varies from place to place), Vespucci for editing and Mapillary for contributing photos to help add more details. I have others installed that I use less as the above three cover most of my main uses.

(29 Jan '20, 09:46) EdLoach ♦

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