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alt textalt textchautara's are very important features in nepal. usually one finds a ber and pipal side-by-side (they are married after all) surrounded by a platform of sorts. the pipal may be worshiped as an aspect of lord vishnu. it is a place for porters to rest or even camp overnight. many have community fresh water wells or ponds. many have a shrine or temple nearby. chautara's are meeting places where folks wait for their friends, or hired a taxi or catch a bus. how should these be noted, asks the newbie. alt text

taxi stand, ping pong table, pipal tree as site of puja, water tank (spring), small mahadev shrine behind

asked 26 Jan '20, 16:12

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Areas dedicated to religious purposes can be tagged landuse=religious in combination with religion=* as appropriate. If multiple religions use the same area they can be listed using ";" as a separator. Denominations can be added similarly.

The amenity=place_of_worship or historic=wayside_shrine tags may also be suitable for the relevant objects. Within Shinto shrines natural=tree & religion=shinto are suggested on the wiki, something similar may be appropriate here.

Taxi ranks and other features should probably be tagged separately as they would for other locations.

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answered 27 Jan '20, 21:36

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I guess you could start with amenity=shelter. You should post a photo or some article, as it's not really clear to me what a chautara is.

If it's just a named point for gathering, maybe place=locality would be better, maybe with a "description=chautara".

Hope this helps, regards.

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answered 27 Jan '20, 00:27

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Great photos, thanks.

I would start by mapping the different elements : amenity=bench, natural=tree, amenity=drinking_water...

As for the chautara itself, it could be a landuse=village_green ! Read carefully the description and see if it fits.

There was leisure=common, could have been relevant, but it's deprecated now, it was a very british thing.

(28 Jan '20, 01:46) H_mlet

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