There are some salt water ponds near here. They are part of a large salt extraction process and I have marked them as salt ponds. However, one in particular is used for public bathing. The mud is spread on people and then washed off. As water=salt_pond it isn't even rendered in Osmarender. It needs to be rendered as it is popular (it's a tourist attraction). Is there a way to mark it as:

  1. Used for public bathing
  2. Preferably some way of denoting the mud bath use
  3. Having it render (although I suspect using the right tags will solve that issue).

As an aside... if it wasn't a salt_pond -- how would I mark the water as salty?

asked 22 Aug '11, 19:08

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Does the pond that does not render have natural=water, as well as water=salt_pond?

(23 Aug '11, 08:02) Ebenezer

  1. Sounds to me as well that you might have forgotten to add natural=water to you water=salt_pond
  2. Since it's a tourist attraction, dont forget the name and the tourism tags. Maybe you can use your own value for the tourism tag here to specify it's a mud bath ? - check taginfo.
  3. Another tag to check is leisure (=swimming_pool ?). Again, browse taginfo.
  4. Dont tag for the renderer.
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answered 23 Aug '11, 10:22

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edited 23 Aug '11, 14:03

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Yep, I had forgotten natural=water. Thanks for your help.

(23 Aug '11, 10:27) RobChafer
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