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When routing from Northallerton (UK) to Bedale (UK) using OSRM routing the route takes a non optimal route. The problem appears to be at a roundabout on an island on the A684 at here

Routing from just east of the roundabout to the roundabout takes the correct direct route: correct route

whereas routing to slightly further round the roundabout routes a completely different and very non optimal way: incorrect route

I have checked the features and all the features seem to have correct attributes in terms of direction, allowed access, and turn restrictions -
Please could someone tell me what attribute(s) needs changing to get the journey to route correctly

Thanks for any help,


asked 24 Jan '20, 13:46

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Steve P
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If you switch to Car (Graphhopper) rather than Car (OSRM) the routing seems to work OK, so either the Fossgis routing service hasn't picked up any changes yet that you made which fixed the problem, or it is an OSRM rather than data problem.

Edit: I just realised you might not be the KeirC who edited the junction about 22 hours ago - but those changes might not have been picked up yet

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answered 24 Jan '20, 14:19

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EdLoach ♦
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edited 24 Jan '20, 14:21

Thanks for your answer - the change(s) you mention were made by a colleague of mine - we're both new to OSM ... in case that these changes do need to take effect, roughly how long should it take for Fossgis to pickup the change (is it days or weeks or ...).

As the routing has been incorrect for many months (and I dont actually think the changes made by KeirC were particularly vital) I suspect it is probably an OSRM routing rather than data problem - if this is the case how should this be reported to OSM?

Thanks, Steve

(24 Jan '20, 14:48) Steve P

I don't know how often the Fossgis data updates. I've just tested on my phone using OsmAnd which updates monthly (although I've not downloaded the January update yet) and routing across the roundabout works fine on there again, so that would be data from 1st December.

I did wonder whether all the weird proposed tags on the roundabout might be causing the issue, or that this way seems to end at a strange point rather than where the road splits, but I don't know the technical details of how OSRM works.

(24 Jan '20, 15:07) EdLoach ♦

I wouldn't be surprised if it is due to the strange combination of proposed tags as you say. It is not obvious from the tags whether there is currently a road there or not. In particular the wiki page for "proposed" seems to suggest that highway:proposed=no means that the road is due to be removed. It may be that different routers make different guesses about which tags take priority.

I also note that the proposed tags were added nearly 4 years ago. If they refer to a project that has either been completed or abandoned they should probably be deleted.

(24 Jan '20, 18:31) alan_gr

Thanks for the suggestions. The roundabout is complete (no longer proposed) so I'll remove those tags and see if that makes a difference to the routing.


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answered 27 Jan '20, 10:58

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Steve P
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