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i found these 4 query services

My questions are:

  • What are the differences between them ? All of them are based on OSM planet data!
  • How do they exactly sort their search results ?

Thank you!

asked 23 Jan '20, 13:38

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Omar Oghli
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osmnames uses a a full-text search engine. It's good at partial queries like typing in "Pari" and getting "Paris" as result. The database build needs to pre-prepare all addresses (e.g. valid street and city combinations) and often that means the database only contains one or few languages.

nominatim uses a structured data schema. It's better at determining the relationship between places (e.g. which street belongs to which city) and can match many/all languages. But is more strict in matching the user's query to data.

Both are valid approaches to search for places (, the best engine is probably one that combines both.

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answered 23 Jan '20, 18:57

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The last 2 use Nominatim behind the scenes.

More information about Nominatim can be found on the wiki and FAQ (also on the wiki) and the Github repository. uses OSM Planet data and some external data sources (Tiger address data).

I don't know about

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answered 23 Jan '20, 15:02

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Do you know why the results of and are differently sorted ?

You can try with the query "della vostra" to reproduce the issue.

(23 Jan '20, 15:17) Omar Oghli takes the current map position into consideration. For example if the map shows France it can then assume what you look for is nearby and sort those results higher. On that is switched off by default, you can click the 'apply viewbox' to enable it.

(23 Jan '20, 18:42) mtmail

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