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I have a Netatmo Weather Station that references OSM for its location and hence elevation.

The elevation ex OSM is reflecting as 867m when in fact it is 1240m.

How do I correct this?

asked 07 Jan '20, 07:22

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Steve Lovemore
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Richard ♦

OSM itself does not store elevation information except for a few landmarks (summits etc.). There are service providers that overlay OSM data with elevation data. I assume there is such service provider (or Netatmo themselves) providing the elevation data for your weather station and you should contact them for any questions.

But to double check there is indeed no elevation data in our database: Could you please pinpoint the exact location where you get the wrong reading?

(07 Jan '20, 08:40) TZorn

The location is 31°58'04.0"S 22°48'02.8"E.

If you look at the layer OpenTopoMap you can see that elevation at this point is approx 1240m

(07 Jan '20, 09:20) Steve Lovemore

I don't see anything in the OSM data in that vicinity that could create the false elevation reading. Please contact Netatmo where the elevation information is coming from.

Are you sure the location is correct in the device? Does it have GPS?

(07 Jan '20, 09:56) TZorn

The location is definitely accurate to within 50m - I can see its location on the map.

I will contact Netatmo thanks

(07 Jan '20, 10:02) Steve Lovemore

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